Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dragon Ball Z Movie 13: Wrath of the Dragon

Title : Dragon Ball Z Movie 13: Wrath of the Dragon

: 15 July 1995

: Mitsuo Hashimoto

: Takao Koyama (screenplay), Akira Toriyama (character)

Genre :
Anime, Action

Synopsis :
A mysterious being named Hoy arrives on Earth and asks the Z Warriors to use the dragon balls to help him release Tapion. Tapion, an ancient warrior imprisoned in a music box, and Hoy needs him to fend off the monster Hildegarn, who is coming to destroy the Earth. But when they realize that Hoy is the last survivor of an evil race bent on the destruction of those who they consider inferior, and that by releasing Tapion they also released Hildegarn, they must fight alongside Tapion to stop the monster.

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